Laducer Information Management
President's Message

James K. Laducer
Laducer is in the business of providing labor intensive information management services. These technology-based services, along with stringent quality control measures, are developed exclusively for each customer. We work hand-in-hand with our clientele through all stages of design and production to ensure we meet and exceed all expectations.

Key factors that set Laducer apart from our competition are the sheer quantity and quality of services we provide. With over 100 data processors exceeding 2.7 million keystrokes per day with less than a 0.5% error rate, Laducer's production output-both in speed and accuracy-is second to none in this industry.

There are many incentives for doing business with Laducer, not the least of which is our award winning level of commitment and service.

I welcome you to explore our website and discover how a working relationship may be developed between your company and ours.

James K. Laducer
President & CEO